The fast link from order, payment, to delivery.

Order2Cash is a mobile application available on Android (iOS coming soon). This application simplifies the ordering process for enterprise businesses seeking to streamline and integrate payments from their customers - with the broader ordering, fulfilment, accounting and customer management processes.

With Order2Cash, once a payment is effected, the orders will not only be automatically loaded on your ERP system for processing, and delivery but the payments will also be instantly allocated on your billing system. 

 Key Features:

  • Instant push notifications functionality to secure order and effect payment
  • Easy API-based integration with other Ordering and Billing systems
  • Orders and payments are updated in real time
  • Sales support is available to train clients on using Order2Cash
  • Major banks are registered to facilitate payment
  • Can be white labelled

 What does this mean for your customers and you?

  • Reduce lead time from order to processing to delivery
  • Orders can be placed anywhere, at any time
  • Eliminate manual entry of orders, billing, and allocation

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